[8-1] 9" Sonnenberg, perfect pale bisque, the most gorgeous light blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, replaced darling dark blonde mohair wig and her original pate. She wears her original brushed cotton three piece mariner's costume with the original matching buret', original slip and pantaloons and her original shoes with pom poms. She is on her original Sonnenberg fully jointed body with the original finish and early strait wrists. Great cabinet size and she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

PRICE: $3,950


[8-2] 20” Simon & Halbig #570 Child, blue sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, perfect bisque, original light auburn mohair wig and her original pate. She wears her original silk and lace dress and an added antique French hat. She is on her original Simon & Halbig body with the original finish. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Only....

PRICE: $895


[8-3] 16” Tete Jumeau #6, perfect bisque, huge brown paperweight eyes with luscious painted upper and lower lashes, antique French Jumeau tied back long golden blonde mohair wig and her original cork pate. She wears a gorgeous antique French navy blue wool and velvet dropped waist dress, antique French blue velvet and straw hat, her original chemise and undies, antique crocheted socks, French leather shoes with rosettes and an antique muff. She is on her original fully “signed” Jumeau body with the original finish, has a fully “signed” head with her original head coil still in tact. She has tremendous presence and an EXTRAORDINARILY beautiful face!!

PRICE: $5,200

[8-4] 13" Kestner # 237 "Hilda" Toddler, beautiful blue sleep eyes with pained upper and lower lashes, mint pale bisque, her original mohair skin wig with her original JDK plaster pate still intact. She wears her original blue organdy dress, old undies, original crocheted socks and her leather shoes. She is spectacular having the green and yellow "Kestner Crown" imprinted on her neck. I have never had one with this before and it is very special. She has a fully marked head and is incised "Hilda". She is on her original chunky JDK toddler body. She has two upper teeth and outlined lips. This toddler has the most ADORABLE Hilda face!!!

PRICE: $2,675


[8-5]  RARE 11 1/2" K * R 109 " "Elise" Character, perfect bisque, blue side glancing intaglio eyes, original auburn mohair wig and her original pate. She wears a magnificent batiste and lace original dress adorned with ribbons and embroidery, original undies, and her original shoes and stockings. She is on her original K * R body in great condition with the original finish. Fabulous modeling. She is out of my own collection and is absolutely OUTSTANDING and has provenance!!! The GREATEST EVER!!!

PRICE: $11,500


[8-6]  7" K * R #131 Googly Toddler, mint bisque, blue side glancing sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, his original red mohair wig and original pate. This boy is 100% FACTORY ORIGINAL wearing his cotton shirt, green knickers, crocheted socks, silk suspenders with red buttons, brown leather shoes and his matching green felt hat. He is on his original K * R Toddler body with "starfish" hands. This doll is very RARE to find in this tiny size and he is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Straight out of my own collection where he has been for many years.



[8-7] 4" All Bisque Baby with Cradle, baby is all bisque with painted hair, mint condition. He wears original knitted ecru and aqua clothing including a jacket and booties and are a 100% match to the cradle and was made this way from the FACTORY. He was not added, this is the way this item was Sold!! when manufactured. Absolutely ADORABLE addition to any collection. The cradle is perfect, it rocks, has ecru wicker and wooden rockers and woven through all the wicker are beautiful aqua ribbons and an aqua bow on each side of the cradle with a little matching mattress. Absolutely DARLING!!!

PRICE: $550


[8-8]   13" Bru Jne #3 Bebe, big blue paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, mint pressed bisque, original metal head attachment and her original blonde mohair wig and pate. She is "FACTORY ORIGINAL" wearing her magnificent burgundy silk and lace dress, matching French Bebe hat, her original undies, her "signed" Bru Jne shoes and original socks. She is on her perfect original "signed" body, marked on her perfect shoulder plate, with perfect bisque lower arms and hands and has a kid body. She is out of a very famous collection in which the owner named her "Valentine", still marked inside her dress. She has the desirable molded Bru Jne tongue tip and there are hardly words to describe how GORGEOUS she is!!!




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