[11-1] 10 1/2 Simon & Halbig #1279 Character, blue sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, immaculate pale bisque and antique braided human hair wig. She wears her original batiste dress adorned with ribbons and antique undies. On original Simon & Halbig body with the original clean finish. Deep modeling in the most darling cabinet size!! ADORABLE!!!

PRICE : $2,450



[11-2]  4" Action Kewpie W/Blue Wings, beautiful bisque overall with blushing in all the right places, holding a basket, brown side glancing painted eyes, watermelon mouth, blonde painted hair and blue wings at shoulders. Marked on bottom. Out of the Mary Merritt Museum Collection. Rare and ADORABLE!!!

PRICE : $1,275



[11-3] MIB's R. John Wright Hans & Gretel Brinker. Hans is 19 1/2" and Gretel is 18". They have never been out of the box except for photos. They are number 130 out of 350 made, have matching numbers, includes their original boxes which have their descriptions on the inside cover, plus their certificates and are in perfect condition. From a non smoking home. They have wonderful bright coloring and are an adorable pair.

PRICE : $3,200 for the both dolls



[11-4] 17 Simon & Halbig #1009 DEP, gorgeous bisque, amazing blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, antique brunette human hair wig and her original pate. She wears her gorgeous very fancy antique batiste and lace party dress, antique slips, antique pink leather shoes with buckles and an antique batiste and lace bonnet. She is on her original S & H body with the original finish. She is a beautiful character and made for the French trade. GORGEOUS!!

PRICE : $1,750


[11-5]  12" E. J. Jumeau#4 Bebe, mint pale pressed bisque with her original "head coil" still intact, brown almond shaped paperweight eyes with painted upper and lower lashes. She has her original blonde mohair wig and her original cork pate. She wears a beautiful antique French dress of batiste and lace adorned with silk ribbons sewn into the dress in the making. She has her original French shoes with big rosettes and a genuine Jumeau necklace and a fabulous antique French hat. She is on her early original straight wrist "signed" Jumeau body with the original finish. This Bebe is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and is a great small cabinet size!!

PRICE: $6,800


[11-6]  11" Early Kestner Pouty, immaculate pale bisque, brown sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, feathered auburn brows and an auburn mohair wig. She wears her original silk dress and ecru batiste blouse, original pantaloons, original antique shoes and socks and an antique batiste and lace hat. She is on her original stiff neck kid body with perfect bisque lower arms and hands. She is STUNNING very early doll with a pouty closed mouth and is a great cabinet sized Kestner.

PRICE : $1,250


[11-7] 11 1/2" Rare Kley & Hahn #536 Character, mint bisque, blue painted eyes, original light brunette mohair wig, original pate and deep dimples. She wears her great original wool Mariner costume, antique undies and shoes. She is on her great original Kley & Hahn body with original finish. This is a rare character with the best modeling and deepest dimples. The best EVER, first out of the mold. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! ONLY....

PRICE : $3,800



[11-8]   12" Simon & Halbig #908 Character, immaculate pale bisque, gorgeous bulging blue spiral threaded paperweight eyes (small line in the lense of one eye, non detracting), with painted upper and lower lashes, three early square cut teeth, two on top and one on bottom, new great blonde mohair wig with coiled side braids and her original S & H pate. She wears a gorgeous antique swiss dot batiste dress adorned with pink silk ribbons, original leather shoes, socks and undies. She is on her original Simon & Halbig body with early straight wrists and the original finish (has some paint wear to her early body). Great early mold number from the S & H 900 series. Tremendous presense and is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!

PRICE : $2,250



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