[12-1] 7” Fun-E-Flex “Pluto the Pup”, wooden body, suede ears, completely poseable legs, tail and neck. Made in the 1930’s. Has his identifying tag on his neck and is so ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!

PRICE: $650


[12-2] Puddleduck Candy Container, she is 16" inches high and 11" from chest to tail. Her left wing opens up to hold candy. She was made sometime in the 1800's and is adorable. Her hat and ribbons are original to her and the tag that is hanging has always been there and looks to be as old as she is. I think it was a gift tag. Her hat is lace and ribbon and everything is original. She stands nicely and looks darling in with the antique dolls. I have had her for about fifteen years or more, and she looks great in my doll cabinet. She used to stand next to a Googly I had, and now stands next to my Tete Jumeau. She looks great no matter what kind of doll you put with her. A fine addition to any collection. LOVABLE!!

PRICE : $2,800



[12-3] 9" Marklin Carriage, very ornate with the original silk hood. It has the bent in handle and large wheels. It is in great condition and will nicely hold a two 5" All Bisque babies or one 6" All Bisque baby. This has been mine for I don't even know how long and is the most ornate of the Marklin carriages. It was the first one I have ever purchased and it is FABULOUS!!! And extremely difficult to find, as no one wants to sell them any more. It is a keeper and perfect for your all bisque baby dolls!!

PRICE : $4,850


[12-4] 10" Steiff Molly Dog with "Steiff Button", she is in mint condition having all her mohair everywhere and a very full beautiful coat. She has all her original stitching at mouth and nose. I believe she is the earliest and the largest one made and has the most desirable multi color mohair with big amber brown glass eyes. She has her original Steiff button on the under side of her left ear. She is ADORABLE and out of my own Steiff collection

PRICE : $895



[12-5]   6" Golden Steiff Teddy Bear with brown glass eyes. He is fully jointed and in perfect condition having all of his full clean golden mohair coat. He has all his original stitching on nose and mouth. He was manufactured by Steiff, in about 1940 and is in MINT condition. He is 6" laying down or standing up, and a little over 4" in the sitting position and his chest is 2 inches wide. If you need me to measure anything else on him, just let me know. His head is jointed and he is jointed at the shoulders and thighs, as well. and he is absolutely DARLING. He is out of my own collection, as is all of the Steiff that I decide to sell. He is out of a non smoking environment.

PRICE : $650



[12-6]  Antique French Fashion Doll Purse, I assume this was made for a French Fashion due to the ring at the top of chain. I don't collect fashions and it worked out very well with my Bebe's. Can be used for any type of doll. It is in perfect condition, except for a few beads that are slightly tarnished. Out of my collection and GREAT tiny size. Has all of it's cut steel beads including the ones at the bottom of the purse and a working clasp. Measures 2 3/4" from top to the bottom of row of dangling beads. Chain has a 2.5" drop excluding the ring at top. Marked GERMAN SILVER. from the 1800's and has been in my possession for about thirty years. FABULOUS purse.

PRICE : $375



[12-7] 4" Antique Sterling Silver Baby Rattle, has bells inside to produce rattling sound. Has a few minor dents which are shown in photos. In your baby doll's hands you won't even notice them. It is from the 1800's and the Sterling silver shines like a mirror. It is a darling accessory for your antique doll. It work great for about a 20" to as large as about a 25" baby. A darling accessory for your baby doll and a great find. Only....

PRICE : $125



[12-8]   Rare Leather Bebe Gloves. They measure 2"'s from the cuff to the longest finger. Fashion gloves are very available, but in 35 years, I have NEVER seen a pair of Bebe gloves. I have kept them all this time. They are pretty perfect except for a little rust spot on one of them, which may or may not come out. I have never cleaned them. They are kid leather and open with a button to make it easy to put on your Bebe. They have perfect button holes and original buttons. They should fit about a 14" to 16" Bebe. Or, your doll can just hold them. They are rare and adorable!!!

PRICE : $475



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