[ab1-1] 5 3/4" All Bisque Simon & Halbig, perfect pale bisque, blue glass eyes, "swivel neck" and her original full long wavy blonde mohair wig. She wears her fabulous original blue silk and lace dress and original lace edged pantaloons with painted black shoes and blue socks. She is on her perfect original early "peg strung" body. She has darling poochy cheecks and the most adorable expression. Out of my own collection!!!

PRICE: $4,550

[ab1-2] 7" All Bisque Kestner Pouty, immaculate pale bisque, huge brown sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, her original blonde mohair wig and pate. She wears her very ornate original stunning aqua silk and lace dress and a darling hat. She is on her original perfect all bisque Kestner body with a "swivel neck" and is early "peg strung", with black multi strap boots. She is adorable with a great pouty expression and chubby cheeks with beautiful blonde feathered eyebrows. A great large size all bisque and very SPECIAL!!! STUNNING!!!

PRICE : $3,650



[ab1-3] 4.5" All Bisque Simon & Halbig, perfect pale bisque, blue glass eyes with painted upper and lower lashes and her original blonde braided mohair wig and original pate.  She wears her all original silk plaid costume with matching hat, original sip and undies, "swivel neck", high blue stockings and is on her original early "peg strung" all bisque body.  She is fabulous with a GORGEOUS sweet face!!!  FACTORY ORIGINAL and very special!!  Out of my own collection!! 

PRICE : $4,675


[ab1-4] 6" All Bisque Bye Lo Baby, with Wooden Cradle, blue glass eyes, "swivel neck", perfect bisque overall.  She wears her original darling flannel baby jacket, with matching flannel diaper and her original booties.  She comes with her original fabulous wooden cradle with a pillow and mattress.  She is on her original all bisque bent limb baby body with the original Bye Lo baby chest label.  Makes a darling display and she is ADORABLE in this nice large size!!! 

PRICE : $1,050


[ab1-5]   4 1/2" RARE Rose O'Neill All Bisque Kewpie with Wings, perfect bisque overall, big brown painted side glancing eyes, blue wings at his shoulders, a watermelon mouth and a little top knot at the top of his head and painted hair at the sides of his head. He wears his little crape paper sailor shirt with navy tie, which is very rarely found. Shirt is faded in the front and a light blue in the back. He has "starfish" hands and great pale bisque. His foot is "signed" O'Neill. ADORABLE!!

PRICE : $875


[ab1-6]  7" Simon & Halbig All Bisque, perfect pale bisque, brown sleep eyes and dark blonde newer mohair wig and her original pate. She wears a magnificent antique ecru silk and lace dress adorned with ribbons and flowers, original pantaloons and a darling antique hat. She has a "swivel neck" She is on her original perfect early "peg strung" body and has perfect bisque overall. She has a RARE beauty mark, rare peach stockings and black multi strap boots. She is GORGEOUS!!!

PRICE : $3,675


[ab1-7] 9" All Bisque JDK "Sammy" Baby, blue sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, mint pale bisque with delicately blushed cheeks, painted blonde hair and an open/closed mouth. She wears her original crocheted baby jacket, skirt, hat and booties, all matching and her original diaper and slip. She is on her perfect chunky all bisque bent limb Kestner baby body with the bent in left arm. She is Absolutely DARLING!!!

PRICE : $1,500


[ab1-8]   New Doll Coming Soon!!




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