[ab2-1] 5" Kestner All Bisque Pouty, perfect pale bisque, brown sleep eyes and her original long blonde mohair wig. She wears a darling teal blue dress adorned with lace and ribbon and made from antique fabrics. She is on her original all bisque Kestner body with a "swivel neck" and desirable "clenched fists" and barefeet. She is extremely pouty for such a tiny all bisque doll. I just love her. DARLING!!

PRICE: $2,850


[ab2-2] 4.5" Kestner All Bisque, brown sleep eyes, perfect bisque overall, with a "swivel neck" her original ash blonde long mohair wig. She wears an antique silk and lace dress and has black multi strap boots. She is on her original perfect all bisque body with RARE two clenched fists. She is ABSOLSUTELY ADORABLE!!!

PRICE: And only.....$2,375.



[ab2-3] 5.5" RARE Curved Leg Kestner All Bisque, immaculate perfect pale bisque overall, blue eyes, closed pouty mouth, original blonde mohair wig with long braid. She wears her original flannel and fur dress, slip and matching silk hat. She is on her original JDK "curved leg" perfect all bisque body with clenched fists and is early "peg strung" with a "swivel neck". Very RARE doll. I have only seen two ever, and now I have had them both!!! GORGEOUS!!!

PRICE: Sold!!


[ab2-4] 7 1/2" Kestner All Bisque Oriental Baby, mint pale bisque overall, brown sleep eyes with painted upper and lower lashes, open mouth with four molded teeth, great full original black mohair wig. She wears her completely FACTORY original gorgeous two piece satin embroidered costume, still sewn on, a very ornate satin jacket and satin pants. Shoes are a matching ornate fabric on top and painted at the bottom. She is on her original Kestner all bisque bent limb baby body. Although head is unmarked, she is a very RARE teeny Kestner 243 Oriental all bisque baby. She would make the finest addition to even the most advanced collection. An amazing very RARE all bisque baby. She was a hit at the UFDC Show where I was very reluctant to part with her. Well, she can be yours now and available to all those that begged for her while I was there :-)!! A great find!!! (Chair not included but is for sale)

PRICE: $3,600


[ab2-5]   8" RARE FG All Bisque Bebe, blue threaded almond shaped paperweight eyes, immaculate pale bisque, barefeet, "swivel neck", magnificent original blonde mohair wig with two long double braids coming down her back and her original cork pate. She wears her gorgeous aqua silk and lace dress, original matching hat with layers of attached pleated slips. She is on her original all bisque body (teeny repair on back of torso at top), non detracting. She is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!



[ab2-6]  4" All Bisque Bye-Lo Baby with Pink Shoes, brown glass eyes, mint bisque and her original blonde mohair wig. She wears her original organdy baby gown, matching bonnet and diaper. She is on her original bent limb baby body with painted pink shoes. She comes with her antique canope bed with lace curtains and pink ribbons with lace covered pink pillow and matching lace covered pink mattress. A beautiful set up. An she is a little GEM!!!

PRICE: $1,175


[ab2-7] 8" K * R #131 All Bisque Googlie Toddler, brown side glancing sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes, mint bisque overall, original blonde mohair wig and her original pate. She wears her FACTORY original silky dress and original undies. She is a rare "barefoot" with perfectly detailed toes, "starfish" hands and a "watermelon" mouth. Sure to make you smile. Absolutely ADORABLE.

PRICE: $5,700


[ab2-8]   6.5" All Bisque Bye-Lo Baby, brown sleep eyes, immaculate bisque overall and her original brunette mohair wig. She wears her original long organdy baby gown with lace and pink ribbons, an antique crocheted matching baby bonnet and her original long slip. She is on her original bent limb baby body. Nice large size and absolutely ADORABLE!!!

PRICE: $975



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